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The Village

The name of PRARANGER comes from Pra (meadow) and Rangerius (name of the founder).


It is located at an altitude of 1.600 m and has approximately 200 inhabitants. Therefore, it is one the largest hamlet of the Martin Saint of Belleville area which spreads over more than 16.000 ha.


Located at 3 km from LES MENUIRES and 13 km from VAL THORENS (free shuttle service to the stations from the stop located at 150m). This commune whose altitude varies from 1.000 m to 3.582 m (Péclet needle) is predisposed to winter sports. It started in the Sixties, with Les Ménuires in 1966, Val Thorens in 1971 and St Martin of Belleville a little later.


The baroque style chapel of PRARANGER is dedicated to St Sebastien and to St Fabien. PRARANGER formerly had a cheese dairy and a grain mill exploited commonly with the inhabitants of Bettaix and Levassaix.


The baker's oven as well as the chapel are situated at immediate proximity of the chalet.