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As soon as you found the week which is appropriate to you, to hold it is enough for you :
  • To send an email of option of reservation with the mailform.


  • A reception of your email, the owner will send to you by email the contract hiring which you will edit in 2 specimens.


  • Within 10 maximum day (period of validity of your option), you turn over by mail the 2 signed specimens of the contract. This sending will be accompanied by a cheque of installment equal to 40% of the hiring to the order of limited liability company KOUTERE HIRINGS. To reception the owner will turn over by mail the specimen of the contract returning to the tenant.


  • 20 days before the beginning of your hiring you will have to pay the pay of the hiring (60%) with a cheque addressed to the owner.


  • The day of your arrival at the time of the inventory of fixtures a cheque corresponding to the deposit will be given to the owner. Taking into account the value of the equipment and furnishing objects, the amount of this deposit is fixed at a nonnegotiable flat-rate amount of 800 €. The cheque corresponding will not be cashed by the owner before the end of the stay. It will be restored with the tenant after the end of the stay after possible deduction of a variable amount according to the failures of noted objects or deteriorations'